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Still playing in controversies and issues: Is it happening for IPL?

The Chennai Super Kings IPL team, which is headed by Dhoni, has been struggling with the Cauvery dispute as the field is now in the ground at the home ground after a two-year ban. Commando has been given protection for players. The legacy of this tradition has been continuously scrambling in controversies and political issues.

Indians who do not obey the magic of cricket are very few. What is the exception of Tamil fans? This chef gathering is a tasteless crowd of fans who appreciate the spirit of the opposite. In 1999, when the Pakistani and Pakistani bowling team was bowled out, the cricket world appreciated the stare at the ground.

Such a sporty fanatic has become a haven for controversy in recent years, and faces a lot of complications directly and indirectly.

In this way, the relationship between the Chennai cricket ground and politics is due. Sometimes it happens to be beyond the stadium of the stadium, chipping up at Chennai, Cheppam Chidambaram Stadium is routine.

Earlier in 2013, IPL Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and Tamil Nadu were injured by the Tamils’ massacre and the players are participating in the IPL. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sent a letter to Singh that he could not allow the matches to be held. So I was shocked by the IPL. The administration did not allow 15 Sri Lankan team players to dance till the last in Chennai.

Finally, on May 12, 2013, Chennai Corporation suddenly sealed three galleries, I, J and K. The argument of the corporation is that despite the widely murmure of political background, Since then, for the past five years, 12 thousand fans have been disappointed with each ticket.

The traditional Chidambaram Stadium lost the chance to hold the Twenty-ODI Cricket World Cup in India in 2015, due to empty seats.

The BCCI has been banned for two years since the BCCI’s decision has been made in the BCCI’s case against the BCCI.

In the meantime, in September 2017, when the issue of burning, the tension was felt that the fight between the Indian-Australian rivals could take place at the ground. The black dress was banned for the first time and caused a stir.

In this situation, there is a new problem now that the emotional slogans have erupted as the issue of Cauvery dispersing IPL matches in Chennai.

This time, various organizations and political parties have openly called for the struggle, and the commando has to provide protection. Is competition going on? Nataiperata? Twentieth-Twenty has created a bigger expectation than a competitive end. Tonight it will get the answer.

Updated: April 10, 2018 — 5:10 pm

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