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Nathon Lyon spun the hosts to put Australia on top

Live cricket score, India versus Australia: Nathon Lyon spun the hosts to put Australia on top again in the second session. Virat Kohli fell inexpensively for 12, Ajinkya Rahane and Karun Nair couldn’t solidify and truly discarded their wickets. A considerable measure will rely on upon KL Rahul who has kept India’s trusts alive on Day.

Nathon Lyon spun the hosts to put Australia on topAustralia are on top again in a pitch which is starting to resemble a seething turner. Nathon Lyon spun the hosts to put Australia on top again in the second session. Virat Kohli fell inexpensively for 12, Ajinkya Rahane and Karun Nair couldn’t solidify and truly discarded their wickets and a great deal will rely on upon KL Rahul now who is nearing his 100. (LIVE SCORECARD)

Get all live cricket activity on India versus Australia straight from Bengaluru, India

14:35 IST: O’Keefe comes into bowl and he is starting to look hazardous at this point

14:30 IST: We are back after Tea. Ashwin will confront the main bundle of the last session and Nathon Lyon to begin the procedures for Australia.

14:10 IST: It’s TEA!!! India are 168/5 in 59 overs. KL Rahul 79*, R Ashwin 5*

14:09 IST: FOUR!! Ashwin gets off the check with a limit.

14:07 IST: The pitch is starting to resemble a furious turner now. That ball again spun violently

14:04 IST: OUT!!! Karun Nair ventures out and again a poor shot determination by him. He withdraws for 26

14:00 IST: FOUR!! Mitchell Starc tries to bowl a yorker however goes as a full hurl. Secured pleasantly through the square leg by Karun Nair for a limit

13:59 IST: Oh!! What was that?? That ball from Steve O’Keefe spun a mile

13:56 IST: FOUR!!! Like this, free conveyance by Steve O’Keefe and Karun Nair played it on legitimacy

13:54 IST: Karun Nair looking great here. He is strong in barrier and backs himself to put the free balls away

13:43 IST: FOUR!! Floated down the leg side by Mitchell Starc and Karun Nair put that away for a limit

13:32 IST: India are 121/4 after 49 overs. KL Rahul 65*, Karun Nair 2*

13:29 IST: More than the Australian bowlers, Indian players are giving without end the wickets. Poor shot determination by Ajinkya Rahane.

13:25 IST: OUT!! Ajinkya Rahane tries to play a favor shot and misses it. Mathew Wade mishandles it as well yet he is up until this point and couldn’t reach even at the second endeavor. Rahane goes on 17

13:16 IST: FOUR!! Low full hurl and Rahane utilizes his wrists pleasantly for a limit. Rahane proceeds onward to 15 with that shot.

13:10 IST: DROPPED!! KL Rahul goes for a breadth shot and David Warner drops him at the leg-gorge. It was speedy however, would have been a blinder

13:07 IST: Surprisingly, Steve O’Keefe hasn’t got any wicket. Be that as it may, he has rocked the bowling alley well. Given away just 10 keeps running in his 9 overs

13:00 IST: Whack!! Ajinkya Rahane descends the track and clubs it for a limit. Counter-assault by the center request batsman and he gets the correct outcome

12:58 IST: 100 up for India in the 40 th over.

12:56 IST: FOUR!! Welcome limit for India. Rahul, it appears to be, played it purposely towards the third-man territory

‚Äč12:55 IST: India have scored 22 keeps running in the session up until this point and lost one major wicket of Virat Kohli

12:50 IST: Big interest again by Nathon Lyon!!! Turned around the umpire. He is knocking down some pins splendidly. Rahane got his front foot outside the line of off stump, the ball spun an excessive amount of and missed his guard

12:42 IST: Big obligation on Ajinkya Rahane’s shoulders now. India require a major organization. India are 92/3 after 36 overs. KL Rahul 53*, Ajinkya Rahane 3*

12:35 IST: It’s a plumb in front. Virat Kohli goes for 12 and India stuck in an unfortunate situation once more

12:32 IST: Wrapped on the cushions and what is Virat Kohli doing??? Umpire raises his finger and they are going for the audit

12:30 IST: FOUR!! Virat Kohli twisted so low and snaps his base hand to execute the cover drive. What radiant hands

12:24 IST: FIFTY!!! Rahul will get the single and finishes his third half-century. His innings has been somewhat unsteady however these points of reference dependably gives you the certainty

12:21 IST: FOUR!! Sheer tastefulness by the Indian captain. He gets a kick out of the chance to play the cover drive and delightfully touched it through spreads

12:13 IST: Starc to share the assault after the break. KL Rahul is nearing his third Test fifty

12:10 IST: Virat is the new batsman in and he protects the main ball

12:10 IST: We are back after lunch!!

11:30 IST: At LUNCH!!! India are 72/2. KL Rahul 48*, Mitchell Starc 1/18, Naton Lyon 1/10

11:30 IST: OUT!!! Splendid knocking down some pins by Nathan Lyon and Pujara goes for 17. He expels him at the stroke of lunch. A tad bit of additional ricochet and Handscomb at forward short leg gets it pleasantly

11:24 IST: Oooh!! Just about an edge there!! Both Pujara and Rahul getting somewhat unsteady

11:20 IST: After 26 overs, India are 71/1. KL Rahul 48*, Cheteshwar Pujara 16*

11:15 IST: FOUR!! KL Rahul proceeds onward to 47 with that limit. Again a full hurl by Mitchell Starc and too simple for the opener

11:10 IST: FOUR!!! Beats everybody and flees to the limit. 4 byes for India

11:04 IST: FOUR!! Planned by KL Rahul as he oars it away to fine leg limit

11:03 IST: Nathon Lyon comes into the assault now

10:55 IST: 50 comes up for India!! Also, it has taken them 19.1 overs. It has been a peaceful begin for the hosts however they have played well in the primary session up until now.

09:46 IST: OUT!! Wrapped on the cushions and the umpire raises his finger. Abhinav Mukund is out for a duck

09:42 IST: Josh Hazlewood blows away a lady. India are 10/0

09:40 IST: India are 10/0 after the first over

09:37 IST: FOUR!! Thickish outside edge and goes for a limit once more. Great begin for India

09:35 IST: Abhinav Mukund last played a Test in 2011 and had a forgettable England visit. He has a decent open door now and might want to make full utilization of it.

09:32 IST: FOUR!! KL Rahul is away and he begins off with a sublime drive. Hitting through the line, forward as well as played it over the line as well.

09:30 IST: So, the players of both the groups are at the ground. Abhinav Mukund and KL Rahul to open for India and Mitchell Starc holds the new cherry for Australia

India will be injured after the stunning misfortune in Pune, however captain Kohli is certain that the hosts can ricochet back in Bengaluru. “You won’t see such an awful execution once more, I will guarantee you that,” the feisty chief said in a pre-coordinate question and answer session.

The thrashing in Pune was to a greater degree a rude awakening for the hosts who were undefeated in 19 Test coordinates before losing to the Australians. The Indian side had likewise been unbeaten in 20 Tests at home before the Pune stunner.

“It is imperative to acknowledge routs. We lost the Pune coordinate due to absence of goal. Australia played better cricket. It is essential to acknowledge vanquish, on the off chance that you pass by your inner self or disregard it, it will influence you as it were. It doesn’t mean losing in Pune would bring about us losing alternate matches likewise,” Kohli said on Friday.

In the mean time, going by chief Steve Smith has forewarned his side against thinking little of India. “We know India will return hard at us, there is doubtlessly about it. They play extremely well at home,” he said.

It will fascinating to perceive how the contribute Bengaluru tolls, with an ease back turning track anticipated that would be set up. The group winning the hurl will be relied upon to bat, given the conditions.

Updated: March 4, 2017 — 2:48 pm

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