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IAAF World Cross Country Championships | prize money is at stake today?

IAAF World Cross Country Championships | prize money is at stake today?In the event that there was a platform for groups that made the best initial introduction in front of today’s IAAF World Cross Country Championships, has Uganda would sadly be no place close it. Because of Team Uganda’s disappointing passage into Kampala on Friday morning, the advertising race was lost bleakly.

The worldwide occasion, coming to Uganda surprisingly, will be held in Kololo today. Contrasted with the uniform and bright doors of going to groups that overwhelmed the news cycle consistently, Uganda’s landing was a slap in the face to the country.

Appearances tally and Team Uganda’s shabby viewpoint was a blemish. Two months of preparing camp have unquestionably incurred significant damage on Stephen Kiprotich’s group however there was no utilization wearing that search for general society.

Singular victors in the seniors’ class today will each procure $30,000 (sh106.7m). A sum of $310,000 (sh1.1bn) will be on offer for the top entertainers of the one day occasion. Cash will be paid out to the top finishers of both the senior men and ladies’ occasions.

A sum of $140,000 (sh498m) is up for gets for people in the two races. In the group occasions of both senior races another $140,000 is likewise on offer. Here $20,000 (sh71m) is up for snatches for the triumphant group. There will likewise be $30,000 for the inaugural multi stage sprint. The triumphant group will get $12,000 (sh42.7m). The prizes for this situation apply for the main four groups.

Prize money:
1st $30,000 (sh106m)
2nd $15,000 (sh53m)
3rd $10,000 (sh35.5m)
4th $ 7000 (sh24.9m)
5th $5000 (sh17.7m)
6th $3000 (sh 10.6m)

Team races:
1st $20,000 (sh71m)
2nd $16,000 (sh56.9m)
3rd $12,000 (sh42.7m)
4th $10,000 (sh35,5m)
5th $ 8000 (sh28.4m)
6th $4000 (sh14.2m)

Mixed relays:
1st $12,000 (sh42.7m)
2nd $8000 (sh28.4m)
3rd $6000 (sh21.3m)
4th $4000 (sh14.2m)

Updated: March 26, 2017 — 1:35 pm

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