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Frances Tiafoe | America’s Best Young Prospect

Frances Tiafoe, the best American high schooler in the men’s amusement, hasn’t brought down any mammoths yet, however like clockwork he gets very close. Back at the U.S. Open, he took strict goliath John Isner to a fifth-set tiebreak, and the previous evening in Acapulco, the 19-year-old took Juan Martin del Potro to a third-set tiebreak before losing 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 in the first round of the Mexican Open.

Frances Tiafoe | America’s Best Young Prospect

Frances Tiafoe | America's Best Young Prospect

Both players get a kick out of the chance to take it genuinely simple on their strikes—substance to push it back securely or cut it—yet they take tremendous, lurching cuts on the forehand side. Delpo’s forehand, a scarily level thud, is one of the amusement’s best-known hostile weapons; Tiafoe’s forehand, which has more topspin to it, begins in an audacious circle and finishes with a mess of arm activity. On the off chance that that movement looks irregular, that is on account of it’s natively constructed: Tiafoe, the child of a tennis focus overseer, was to a great extent self-educated in his developmental years, meandering the grounds, formulating his own particular bores, and thumping a practice divider.

The matchup of enormous forehands created some extensive, watchable revitalizes, and in addition better than average verification that Tiafoe, the most youthful player in the main 100, is about prepared to test the first class baseliners in the men’s diversion.

It likewise flaunted some of his Tiafoe’s foolish physicality, as found in a slippery volley to cull a profound Delpo forehand out of the air. His quick feet and delicate hands were reminiscent of another shot on the run the previous fall.

An unmistakably drained Tiafoe went to pieces in the tiebreak, going down 7-1, however in the event that the initial two hours of this match were was any sign, he’ll see that leap forward win soon.

Updated: March 2, 2017 — 11:41 am

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